features 149 woodworking plans to build workshop tool jigs for routers and lathe turning jigs, table saws, drill presses and even metal working.

Featuring 149 woodworking plans to purchase and build your own tool jigs and workshop helpers.

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 01-161 - The Acorn Workbench Woodworking Plan $ 19.95
Scott Landis in his Taunton Book, The Workbench Book, said that this was the very best American Designed bench on the market. The Acorn bench has a full-width end vise and a double row of dog holes....(read more)

 01-277 - Tool Cabinet Woodworking Plan $ 19.95
This design has been featured in many magazines and plans have been requested for the past few years. Besides being a unique storage area for your tools, this project will represent your craftsmanship...(read more)

 01-237 - Tool Chest Woodworking Plan $ 17.95
This is a Union tool chest with the original carry box. This tool chest is assembled from quarter-sawn white oak (you can use other material) with finger joints. Each of the drawers runs on wooden ...(read more)

 01-333 - The Shop Combo Woodworking Plan Set $ 52.80
Combo price for three workshop plans #01-161 The Acorn Workbench, #01-277 Tool Cabinet and #01-237 Tool Chest. The Acorn bench has a full-width end vise (not included) and a double row of dogholes. ...(read more)

 31-MD-00941 - Drill Press Column Bit Shelf Woodworking Plan $ 2.99
You can keep the most frequently used bits and accessories for your drill press with this simple to build holder. We designed ours to fit a 3-1/8 inch diameter column but you can easily adapt the plan...(read more)

 31-MD-00058 - Full Service Workbench Woodworking Plan Part 1. $ 11.95
At the heart of any good shop lies a great workbench. With that in mind, we went all out to design the unit shown here. In this plan, you will learn how to build the end cabinets, drawers, and laminat...(read more)

 19-W2612 - Scroll Saw Table Woodworking Plan $ 12.99
Save money by making your own scroll saw table. The 16 x 24 inch tabletop accommodates most scroll saws as well as many other tabletop tools including drill presses, sanders and grinders.(read more)

 31-TR-0085 - Bench Top Mortisers Downloadable Tool Review PDF $ 3.95
A mortiser helps you achieve the ultimate trick in woodworking, to drill a square hole with a round drill bit. Its all possible because someone was smart enough to put a round bit inside a square chis...(read more)

 19-W2236 - Router Table Woodworking Plan $ 12.99
This low cost, table top router table features universal router insert, fully positionable fence, and clear plastic safety guards. Plan shows how to make the miter gauge, router bit holders and vacuum...(read more)

 19-W3013 - Workshop Parts Storage Cabinet Woodworking Plan $ 11.99
Organize those small parts and find what you are looking for when you need it. Save time and frustration. You can store lots of screws, bolts, washers - you name it. Make the cabinet from 1x10 inch box...(read more)

 19-W2742 - Sandblast Cabinet Woodworking Plan $ 14.99
Whether you want to clean up rusty tools and other metal parts or try your hand at making beautiful sandblasted signs or plaques, this sandblast cabinet is for you. Inexpensive to build from 1/2 inch ...(read more)

 19-W2723 - Drill Press Sanding Table Woodworking Plan $ 12.99
Perfect for any small table top drill press. Designed to be used with our 7060 Sanding Drum Kit. Shop vac hose adapts to underside of table. Entire project can be cut from one piece of 1/2 inch x 2 ft...(read more)

 19-W2722 - Beam Compass Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
Draw large circles easily and accurately with this easy to make Beam Compass! The project pictured draws up to 28 inch diameter circles, but plans show how to make a longer beam to make any diameter c...(read more)

 19-W2719 - Push Sticks Woodworking Plan $ 12.99
Make your own safety push sticks, push blocks, and featherboards. This plan includes full size patterns to make all projects pictured. Push sticks help keep your fingers away from the table saw blade....(read more)

 19-W2654 - Take Apart Saw Horses Woodworking Plan $ 12.99
Sturdy sawhorses which quickly disassemble for compact storage. Perfect for transporting to job site. Just over a half sheet of 3/4 inch plywood is required to make two sawhorses. Shown with bungee co...(read more)

 19-W2613 - Belt Sanding Table Woodworking Plan $ 12.99
Most people only use their sander for smoothing flat surfaces such as the face of their wood. But by making this table, you can use your belt sander to sand edge grain and end grain too! Since belt...(read more)

 19-W2525 - Space Saver Workbench Woodworking Plan $ 19.99
This workbench has a generous 2 foot by 6 foot work top, and lots of storage shelves. A 4 foot fluorescent light fixture tucks into the light box top. The storage shelf section is permanently attached...(read more)

 19-W2427 - Folding Sawhorses Woodworking Plan $ 11.99
Sturdy sawhorses that fold to an ultra slim 2 inch thickness for real space saving storage. Opened, they provide a sturdy 31 inch high work surface with a wide center shelf. Make from 3/4 inch stock a...(read more)

 31-MD-00758 - Space-Saving Tool Cabinet Woodworking Plan. $ 4.99
Sliding doors and perforated hardboard add an additional layer of storage in a single, smart-looking unit. The tool storage cabinet has a row of three individual perforated hardboard panels in back, p...(read more)

 30-70001 - Workbench with Cabinets Woodworking Plan $ 29.95
This plan provides a great solution for workshops in need of organized counter and storage space. 3 different sizes included. A PDF version is also available.(read more)

 31-DP-00921 - Flip Top Bench Top Router Table Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF $ 4.95
Maybe you have looks of ambition to build woodworking projects but you are a bit short on space. This little portable, bench top mounted router table is big enough to hold some of the largest portabl...(read more)

 31-DP-00924 - Mortising Table Extensions Jig Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF $ 1.99
Working with long stock like furniture legs on the stock table of a bench top mortiser can be tricky. Eye-balling the starting and stop positions of a mortise on such a work surface can cause errors f...(read more)

 31-MD-00577 - Simple and Sturdy Tool Stand Woodworking Plan. $ 7.95
From inexpensive materials you can build this rock-solid workstation. The stand easily levels to uneven floors using threaded levelers that adjust with a screwdriver. You will find all of the material...(read more)

 30-70001PDF - Workbench with Cabinets (PDF) Woodworking Plan $ 29.95
This PDF downloadable plan provides a great solution for workshops in need of organized counter and storage space. 3 different sizes included. A paper plan version is also available, plan 30-70001.(read more)

 31-MD-00104 - Tablesaw Accessories Cabinet Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
Savvy storage within easy reach. Extension tables for tablesaws make woodworking easier, but they sure eat up a lot of precious floor space. This handsome roll-away cabinet helps you put that valuable...(read more)

 31-MD-00059 - Lift Up Router and Benchtop Tool Table Woodworking Plan Part 2. $ 11.95
We showed you how to make the end cabinets and the sturdy laminated top for the workbench, in Part 1, the Full-Service Workbench, 31-MD-00058 sold separately. Now, with the basics out of the way, lets...(read more)

 31-MD-00056 - Drill Press Table Woodworking Plan. $ 9.95
We also a downloadable PDF version. We tested several prototypes before settling on this L-shaped table coupled with a pair of firm fences and hold-down clamps. This setup will allow you to perform numerous ...(read more)

 31-MD-00055 - 3 in 1 Tablesaw Upgrade and Saw Top Dust Collector Woodworking Plan Set. $ 10.95
Attention all tablesaw owners! Now is your chance to make some big improvements in your equipment for just a few dollars. By investing as few as a couple of evenings, you can enclose the base, add an ...(read more)

 31-MD-00057 - Drop Leaf Mobile Workbench Woodworking Plan $ 10.95
This plan is also available as a downloadable PDF. Here is a rock-solid workbench that is mobile. We built it so we could push it out of the way when the time comes for moving vehicles inside. The workbench...(read more)

 31-MD-00061 - Roll Around Tool Base Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
Tired of muscling your tools around the shop when you need to use them or clean around them? If so, try this money and back-saving solution—a four-wheeled tool base for moving heavy woodworking machin...(read more)

 31-MD-00062 - Space Saving Workbench Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
This plan is also available as a downloadable PDF. Handy roll-around tool storage convenience. If you are looking for a quick way to add another work surface and more tool storage to your shop, look...(read more)

 31-MD-00063 - Swivel Topped Tool Cabinet Woodworking Plan. $ 11.95
Now, you can store two benchtop tools in one handy mobile unit. You just flip the top to switch from the portable planer to the stationary belt/disc sander on our swivel-topped tool cabinet.(read more)

 31-MD-00064 - Tilt Top Router Table Woodworking Plan $ 11.95
An open-and-close shop tool designed with you in mind. Count the features of this fully loaded router table, and you will quickly conclude that you have to have one. For starters, the table flips up f...(read more)

 31-MD-00065 - Workhorse Workbench Woodworking Plan $ 10.95
This plan is also available as a downloadable PDF. A sturdy, dependable workbench belongs at the center of every hardworking home workshop. This heavy-duty, versatile model features a pair ...(read more)

 31-MD-00068 - Cyclone Dust Collector Construction Plan $ 13.95
In designing and outfitting WOOD Magazines Idea Shop 3 basement shop with a cyclone dust collector, we had several objectives in mind. We wanted a space-efficient unit with minimal noise, dust-free...(read more)

 31-MD-00077 - Portable Planer Thicknessing Center Woodworking Plan $ 10.95
When a project requires thin stock, our portable planer saves us the time and trouble of having to special-order material. But, having to lift it onto my workbench every time we need it can be backbreaking...(read more)

 31-MD-00078 - Sanding Supply Center Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
Left in the open, sandpaper will cup due to humidity. To keep this perennial problem in check and keep our sandpaper organized and away from dust, we came up with this multi-purpose cabinet. We have m...(read more)

 31-MD-00079 - Accommodating Workshop Cabinets Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
Perforated hardboard and hooks help you get organized once and for all. If your shop could stand a little bit more order, try building the double-door cabinet shown and the single-door unit ...(read more)

 31-MD-00082 - Mobile Tablesaw Base Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
Downloadable plan available. It is sad but true that the space beneath most tablesaws goes to waste. But that need not be the case, as you can see here. Our cabinet stores a plentiful supply of sawblades, router bits, and other w...(read more)

 31-MD-00086 - Tablesaw Outfeed Table Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
Our handy folding fixture adds only inches to your saw when stored, but provides you with more than 3 feet of stock support beyond the blade for safer and more convenient cutting. This fixture attache...(read more)

 31-MD-00097 - Table Saw Dust Collector Construction Plan $ 8.95
This table saw dust-collector hood is effective as well as convenient. The big window lets you see your cut at all times, and neither the hood nor its support will impede your sawing. Included is a bo...(read more)

 31-MD-00098 - Mobile Mitersaw Center Woodworking Plan. $ 10.95
Finally, the ultimate mitersaw center has arrived. This sturdy plywood unit rolls around and locks in place where needed. Fold-down table extensions let you manage long pieces for crosscutting. And th...(read more)

 31-MD-00126 - Modular Shop Cabinet System Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
The smaller your shop, the smarter you have to be when laying it out to meet your needs. That is why we decided to go with a cabinet package that can be anything you want it to be. Read the boxed mate...(read more)

 31-MD-00133 - Sanding Supply Center Organizer Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
Looking for that single location where you can store all of your sanding supplies? This WOOD magazine original, featuring a half-dozen easy-to-build projects, may be just the tick. It includes holders...(read more)

 31-MD-00134 - Simple to Build Workbench Woodworking Plan $ 10.95
This workbench is simple to build and super strong. We relied on inexpensive lumberyard stock and rugged mortise-and-tenon joinery to construct the base. For the benchtop, we laminated maple to handle...(read more)

 31-MD-00135 - Lumber Storage Rack Woodworking Plan $ 10.95
Looking for versatility in a lumber storage rack? This ones got it! Our rack features adjustable supports that attach to vertical 2 x 4s for holding loads of boards. The unique sheet-goods bin lets...(read more)

 31-MD-00137 - Shop Compass Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
Here is a great use for those prized wood scraps you stashed away for just the right project. Our compass incorporates an ingenious clamping system that holds a standard pencil (hexagonal or round)...(read more)

 31-MD-00140 - Universal Wall Cabinet System Woodworking Plan $ 11.95
We put our background to work and designed a wall-cabinet system that works great for organizing hand tools, safety equipment, power-tool accessories, and much more. The cabinets go together quickly, ...(read more)

 31-MD-00141 - Trammel and Marking Gauge Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
Mark perfect arcs, circles, parallel lines, and perpendicular lines with our walnut and brass homemade tool. Not only does it work with the precision you require, but the metal/hardwood combination ma...(read more)

 31-MD-00142 - Mitersaw Stand Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
We built this sturdy mitersaw stand 24 inches deep to accommodate a 12 inch compound mitersaw. If you have a 10 inch saw, you can make the stand as shallow as 18 inches. Be sure to measure your saw...(read more)

 31-MD-00143 - Four Dust Collector Woodworking Plans $ 9.95
Clear the air in your workshop with these easy-to-make projects. The less dust floating around in your workshop, the better. Not only does your shop stay cleaner, but, more importantly, your lungs...(read more)

 31-MD-00151 - Benchtop Router Table Woodworking Plan $ 10.95
This project is a must in your shop and you can put it together in a weekend for less than $100 plus the cost of your own wood. Its fence adjusts in a flash and locks into T-slotted mini-tracks with t...(read more)

 31-MD-00152 - Box Joint Jig Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
Box joints offer both strength and unique good looks. Although not as refined as dovetail joints, they can be cut on a table saw or router table using a simple shop-built jig. Not only that, but you ...(read more)

 31-MD-00168 - Space Saving Work Center Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
A rock-solid workbench and plenty of storage are essentials in any shop. Of course, both require space, which is especially tough to find in a shop that shares the garage with cars or has to fit in a ...(read more)

 31-MD-00177 - Knockdown Sawhorses Woodworking Plan. $ 4.99
A pair of sawhorses come in mighty handy when you cut sheet goods or need to set up a temporary work area. But where do you corral them when you are not using them? If you build these sturdy horses, ...(read more)

 31-MD-00178 - Super Simple Taper Jig Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
Taper jigs do not get much more basic than this hold-down taper jig. Build the plywood base and hardwood hold downs. Then, mark the angled cut line(s) on your workpiece. Position the rip fence so the ...(read more)

 31-MD-00179 - Scrollsaw Stand Woodworking Plan. $ 5.95
Elevate your benchtop scroll saw to new heights with this sturdy shop-made stand. It provides solid support directly beneath the saw to help minimize vibration. The top measures approximately 24 x 12 ...(read more)

 31-MD-00180 - Portable Mini Lathe Base Woodworking Plan $ 5.95
The two roomy drawers in this easy-to-build benchtop base keep your mini lathes centers and other accessories close at hand. When you are done with your turning session, just grab hold of the convenience...(read more)

 31-MD-00182 - Utility Cabinet System Woodworking Plan. $ 9.95
Not impressed with particleboard utility cabinets available at your local home center? Neither were we. So we designed s sturdy, east-to-build set of cabinets. Build one or more of the components to...(read more)

 31-MD-00183 - Dovetail Jig Stabilizing Fence Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
Most jigs rely on a small cam to position the board, but do not provide enough support along the length of the board to prevent racking. Without proper alignment, the dovetails vary slightly in length...(read more)

 31-MD-00184 - Tablesaw Sanding Table Woodworking Plan $ 5.95
A built-in dust chute links it directly to your shop vacuum or dust collector. We designed this sanding table to fit a 10 inch Jet Contractors Saw. You will probably have to alter the tables size to...(read more)

 31-MD-00187 - Pocket Hole Routing Jig Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
A simple, no non-sense design. Given how specialized the tools are for pocket-hole joinery, some woodworkers have balked at using the technique for projects. Nowadays, the dedicated jigs for drilling ...(read more)

 31-MD-00188 - Cutting Platform and Sheet Goods Mover Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
Sheet goods often present a real challenge when it comes to cutting them down into project-sized pieces. Even if you have the room in your shop to maneuver a full sheet of plywood, single-handedly bal...(read more)

 31-MD-00191 - Craftsmans Pride Tool Chest Woodworking Plan $ 11.95
Every woodworker has some treasured tools that deserve the ultimate in protected storage. They may include a marking gauge that belonged to your great-grandfather or a set of carving gouges you purcha...(read more)

 31-MD-00200 - Marking Gauge Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
This brass-bound creation will be a proud part of your tool collection for years to come.(read more)

 31-MD-00203 - One Weekend Workbench Woodworking Plan $ 11.95
What more could a home woodworker want? How about an inexpensive and sturdy workbench you can tackle in just one weekend. It is equipped with an ingenious vise, a tool tray, and lots of other ...(read more)

 31-MD-00205 - Magazine Binder Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
We knew you would want a way to keep the multitude of projects, techniques, and feature articles from WOOD organized and stored in style. With that in mind, we designed a special binder (made of wood,...(read more)

 31-MD-00206 - Sanding Block Woodworking Plan $ 6.95
If ever a sanding block was a work of art, this is it. Supple to the touch and easy on the eyes, it will serve you well for many years to come.(read more)

 31-MD-00207 - Right On Dadoe Jig Woodworking Plan. $ 8.95
Do not grieve over sloppy router-cut dadoes. Instead, gear up for accuracy with this easy-to-make-and-use scrap wood problem solver.(read more)

 31-MD-00224 - Labor of Love Workbench Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
Before designing this workbench, we talked to numerous woodworkers to determine what features they wanted. With your recommendations in mind, we designed this sturdy work center. Our bench has a base ...(read more)

 31-MD-00228 - Woodworkers Tool Chest Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
In days gone by, to become a journeyman woodworker, an apprentice had to pass one final test. He had to use his new skills to craft a tool chest. If his master approved of his work, the apprenticeship...(read more)

 31-MD-00226 - Fail Safe Router Jig Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
This router jig is a specialist at through or stopped dadoes and grooves. Included is an exploded diagram.(read more)

 31-MD-00227 - All in One Sander Cabinet Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
You will spend less time gritting your teeth and more time sanding when you store everything you need–sanders, sandpaper, and sanding belts–in one convenient wall-hung cabinet. The cabinet...(read more)

 31-MD-00229 - Workshop Reference Center Woodworking Plan $ 7.95
Keep reference material close at hand with this two-project setup. Simply swing the table up when you need to make notes. The upper cabinet has a drop-down door. Just pull up a stool and you have...(read more)

 31-MD-00230 - Five Great Clamp Organizers Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
Solve your clamp-storage problems once and for all with one or more of our five custom holders. These clever wall-hung helpers not only keep all your clamps at arms reach, they also look great doing ...(read more)

 31-MD-00237 - True Cut Taper Jig Woodworking Plan. $ 4.99
Ripping table legs or other project pieces at an angle can be frustrating and even dangerous work. However, with our taper jig, you will be able to quickly set the precise angle and safely cut leg aft...(read more)

 31-MD-00239 - Flip Top Work Center Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
It is no news that benchtop tools take up benchtop space, even when not in use, and that horizontal surfaces for assembly, finishing, or just tinkering are premium real estate in the shop. This ...(read more)

 31-MD-00242 - Masterful Marking Gauge Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
Instead of fooling around with makeshift measuring and marking methods, count on this accurate, heirloom-quality gauge for layout help. Use it now, and eventually you can pass it on with pride.(read more)

 31-MD-00243 - Fine Finish Scraper Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
Our comfortable, good-looking tool is easy to build, and its adjustable blade makes getting into tight corners a snap. (read more)

 31-MD-00244 - Super Strip Sander Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
This heirloom-quality walnut and maple strip sander is the perfect tool for detail work, like cleaning cabinet joinery. It lets you sand right up to an edge or corner, and leaves the smoothest surface...(read more)

 31-MD-00245 - Scratch Awl Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
Whenever a project calls for accurate layout lines and precisely marked measurements, lots of experienced woodworkers put away the pencil and reach for a scratch awl. Somehow, you just feel more like ...(read more)

 31-MD-00246 - Angle Bevel Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
Here is a quality tool that offers accuracy plus the beauty of walnut and brass. It also makes a great gift.(read more)

 31-MD-00251 - Center Finder Woodworking Plan. $ 4.99
For this walnut-and-brass center finder we wanted the tool to look distinctive, feel comfortable, and be small enough to fit in a shop apron. This tool meets our criteria, and it is terrific for location...(read more)

 31-MD-00252 - Depth Gauge Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
You are not likely to misplace this shop heirloom. Use if for measuring dadoes, mortises, and other recesses where precision is critical. (read more)

 31-MD-00255 - Dual Purpose Sanding Center Woodworking Plan Set $ 8.95
Included with this plan are four projects you can combine to make this work center: Basic Cabinet, Flip-Top Assembly, Easy-Mover Mobile Base, and the 3-Drawer Utility Cabinet. Like all of the projects...(read more)

 31-MD-00256 - Tool Carousel Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
We packed all these tools and bits, 135 pieces total, into an instant-access storage unit that takes up just 2 x 2 feet of wall space. Think of how it will help organize your shop! Spin the entire carousel...(read more)

 31-MD-00260 - Mobile Tool Cabinet Woodworking Plan. $ 9.95
Put your tools within easy reach by rolling this sturdy cabinet right up to your work area. When you are through, simply close and lock the doors. Then return the cabinet to its storage spot...(read more)

 31-MD-00271 - Mobile Sawing and Routing Center Woodworking Plan. $ 11.95
Increase the capacity of your tablesaw and router by combining them in one accommodating twin-cabinet design. The advantages include a larger tabletop, ample onboard accessory storage, and dedicated...(read more)

 31-MD-00273 - Tough Stuff Workbench Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
Two cabinets and a sturdy top make this design a cinch to build. This no-nonsense workbench incorporates the essentials: simple base cabinets with deep enclosed drawer and shelf storage and a flat...(read more)

 31-MD-00275 - 3 Drawer Utility Cabinet Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
Inexpensive materials and basic joinery make for speedy construction of this hardworking shop cabinet. Even the drawers will not slow you down. With their special side/slide hardware, they practically...(read more)

 31-MD-00276 - On The Mark Mitersaw Station Woodworking Plan $ 7.95
Whether you need to rough-cut a board to length or make a precise compound cut in a workpiece, this work station, coupled with your 10 or 12 inch mitersaw, will ensure great results. Large tables ...(read more)

 31-MD-00280 - Super Flexible Workshop Storage Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
Presto chango! With this simple system, adding to or rearranging your workshop wall storage is (almost) as easy as waving your hand. With its interlocking hanging cleats, this Idea Shop 5 system ...(read more)

 31-MD-00282 - Drill Press Seven Pack Woodworking Plan $ 7.95
This seven pack of plans will help you get the most out of your drill press. First is the Ball-Drilling Jig which goes to the very center of a common drilling problem. Next is the Extra-Long Drum Sander...(read more)

 31-MD-00283 - Tablesaw Seven Pack Woodworking Plans. $ 7.95
This seven pack of plans will help you get the most use out of your tablesaw. First is the Precision Miter Stop which you can make in minutes and use as a lifetime addition to your shop. Next is the...(read more)

 31-MD-00304 - Torpedo Level Woodworking Plan $ 7.95
Although small in size and made from a single piece of wood, this level made me reach deep into my bag of woodworking tricks to come up with precise solutions to make this work as a must have tool...(read more)

 31-MD-00319 - One Day Workbench Woodworking Plan. $ 6.25
Inexpensive material and two readers ingenious design work together in this sturdy bench project that is a cinch to build. The plans show you how to make an L-shaped corner bench, or a simple straight...(read more)

 31-MD-00321 - Mobile Storage Rack Woodworking Plan $ 5.75
Just like clamps, you never seem to have enough storage. And this easily built project will service your needs in spades. Use it for lumber storage in the shop or as a catchall in the garage or basement...(read more)

 31-MD-00360 - Drill-Press Table Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
Transform your drill press form a supporting actor in to a workshop star with this multifunction accessory. Although indispensable in a woodworking shop, most drill presses come equipped with a table ...(read more)

 31-MD-00426 - Go Anywhere Tool Caddy Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
Keep frequently used tools organized, protected, and within easy reach wherever you go by rolling this compact cart right up to your work area. Its drawers, shelves, top tray, and doors create numerou...(read more)

 31-MD-00429 - Multi Tiered Drill-Driver Organizer Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
This super organized project will provide plenty of room for all the bits you will need to drive a wide assortment of screws. Build the box, then apply the quick-reference chart to match the right bit...(read more)

 31-MD-00430 - Router Table Fence Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
This full-featured fence and a team of accessories make an unbeatable workshop combination. To add flexibility, the fence is designed to attach to a router table in just about every imaginable way. Af...(read more)

 31-MD-00438 - Triple Threat Lumber Storage Woodworking Plan $ 7.95
Build one or all three of these easy-to-make projects to keep your shop organized. Our trio includes an adjustable board rack, a mobile scrap sorter, and an upstanding storage cart.(read more)

 31-MD-00439 - Fine Line Marking Knife Woodworking Plan $ 7.95
Build this fine-line marking knife. Nothing beats a crisp scribed line for accurate layout. When not in use, a hidden magnet keeps the blade sheathed safely in place. With the flat back of its blade a...(read more)

 31-MD-00449 - Biscuit Joiner Jig Woodworking Plan $ 7.95
Mount your biscuit joiner to this handy jig, and step up to a new level of convenience and precision when cutting slots in 3/4 inch material.(read more)

 31-MD-00456 - Workbench and 6 Pack of Upgrades Woodworking Plan $ 10.95
Few workshop items hold as much raw potential as your workbench. We will shop you how to build a basic one and then how to tap into its full usefulness. You can build this workshop workhorse in a week...(read more)

 31-MD-00482 - Traditional Workbench Woodworking Plan $ 10.95
Our rock-solid workbench incorporates two vises, a laminated top, and options for a hanging tool tray or under-bench cabinet. Even if you are not a hand-tool aficionado, you will find this traditional...(read more)

 31-MD-00518 - Shop In A Box Tool Cabinet Woodworking Plan. $ 8.95
We also sell this as a downloadable PDF. Keep tools, hardware, and supplies organized in this space-saving, 4-door cabinet. Though it occupies little more than 7 square feet of wall area, ...(read more)

 31-MD-00560 - Bench Tool System Woodworking Plan. $ 9.95
Save valuable space by storing your benchtop tools vertically on trays in a roll-around cabinet. The matching tool base makes a perfect mobile workstation. Benchtop tools bolt to trays that fit over t...(read more)

 31-MD-00729 - Router Table and Organizer Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
When your router accessories have scattered around the shop like chips flung from a panel-raising bit, corral them in the drawers and cabinet of this virtually indestructible router table. You will ga...(read more)

 31-MDS-027 - Hollow Grind Sharpening and Jig Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
Use this technique and jig to put a razor-sharp edge on your chisels, plane irons, jointer knives, and lathe chisels. Measures approximately 16 inches long.(read more)

 31-MDS-032 - Mortise and Tenon Joints Woodworking Plan $ 8.95
The jig plan guarantees your success! If you have shied away from mortise-and-tenon joinery because it sounds too complicated, take heart. With our tenoning jig and a little practice, you can turn out...(read more)

 31-JG-1001 - 10 Great Jigs Woodworking Plan $ 10.95
Here are a collection of 10 great woodworking jigs proven to be useful in the workshop. They include: V-Block Jig for making splined corner joints, Circle-Cutting Jig for the perfect circle, Palm-Sand...(read more)

 31-JG-1002 - Drill Press Table Jig Woodworking Plan $ 10.95
We tested several prototypes before settling on this L-shaped table coupled with a pair of firm fences and hold-down clamps. This setup will allow you to perform numerous machining processes with impr...(read more)

 31-WT-1001 - Benchtop Router Table II Woodworking Plan $ 10.95
The perfect companion to your shops most versatile tool, this go-anywhere benchtop router table helps make even tough routing jobs easy. To enable you to use your router away from the router table, we...(read more)

 31-WT-1002 - Heavy Duty Router Table Woodworking Plan $ 13.95
If you have a heavy-duty router or are thinking about buying one, you will want to build a table for it. This professional-quality router table houses a 3 hp electronic plunge router to take advantage...(read more)

 19-W2860 - Shop Organizer Woodworking Plan $ 12.99
What a great way to organize small parts! Organize your fasteners, wood plugs, and all those hundreds of other items. Cabinet is made from 1 x 12 inch pine with 1/4 inch hardboard for the pull out she...(read more)

 28-149679 - Craftsmans Portable Toolbox Woodworking Plan No5 $ 9.99
Store chisels, marking tools or whatever you like in this portable organizer. Our stylish ash tool carrier is handsome enough for your home but tough enough to hold its own in your workshop.(read more)

 28-149700 - A-Frame Mobile Clamp Rack Woodworking Plan No4 $ 9.99
Keeping your wide assortment of clamps in one place and near your assembly table or workbench is like herding cats. This convenient, mobile organizer can be used for all your clamps and supplies.(read more)

 28-150496 - Lumber and Sheet Goods Rack Woodworking Plan $ 9.99
Perhaps the quickest way to junk up your shop is to dump boards and plywood scraps into corners, piled on the floor or onto that valuable work counter. So rather than waste the space or you r time loo...(read more)

 28-150727 - Router Bit Storage Cabinet Woodworking Plan $ 9.99
Using inexpensive MDF, hardboard and pine material, you can create a cabinet that offers great storage for router bits, bushings, wrenches, safety gear and anything else you use with your router. The ...(read more)

 28-150845 - Classic Workbench Woodworking Plan $ 12.99
Whether you are a hand tool purist, a power tool junkie or somewhere in between, odds are that you spend most of your time at your workbench than any other place on your shop. Its worthwhile investing...(read more)

 28-150103 - Dream Shop Planner Woodworking Plan $ 5.99
Behind every great workshop lies a great plan, no matter whether you have a dedicated room or a corner of the basement to garage to work in. This planner allows you to organize your shop to create a w...(read more)

 28-149935 - Tool Board Organizers Woodworking Plan $ 9.99
We designed this perforated hardboard tool storage system to help you stay organized in your workshop. The system consists of a framed hanging tool board sized to suit your needs and eight specialized...(read more)

 28-149934 - Super Easy Workshop Cabinets Woodworking Plans $ 15.99
Like kitchens, a good workshop requires plenty of cabinet and counter space. Our shop cabinets will help you keep your tools safe, out of harms way. The plans are designed to give you a wide range of ...(read more)

 28-149864 - Adjustable 3-in-1 Assembly Table Woodworking Plan $ 12.99
If you happen to use your table saw as a glue up table, then this project is for you. Free up your tablesaw and use this adaptable and mobile table to free up space. A scissor jack is used to adjust ...(read more)

 31-MDA-00247 - Make Cabinets the Easy Way Woodworking Plan. $ 9.95
With only the basic woodworking skills, a table saw and a few simple tools, you can make custom cabinets for your home or shop. Yeah yeah, there are doors to make... relax. You can easily make doors u...(read more)

 31-MD-00843 - Reliably Rugged Assembly Table Woodworking Plan. $ 11.95
The torsion box top construction method used on this rolling workstation ensures square glue ups and wobble free stability. Build this project for your shop and you will gain a dead flat work surface ...(read more)

 31-DP-00086 - Rip-and-flip Tablesaw Outfeed Table Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF $ 6.95
Our handy folding fixture adds only inches to your saw when stored, but provides you with more than 3 feet of stock support beyond the blade for safer and more convenient cutting. This fixture attache...(read more)

 31-DP-00098 - Mobile Mitersaw Center Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF $ 7.95
Fold-down tables make it easy to store. Finally, the ultimate mitersaw center has arrived. This sturdy plywood unit rolls around and locks in place where needed. Fold-down table extensions let you man...(read more)

 31-DP-00918 - Fold-Flat Sheet Goods Mover Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF $ 4.95
Made from just one sheet of 3/4 inch baltic birch plywood, a handful of hardware, and four locking swivel casters, this handy project makes transporting sheet goods around the shop a breeze. You simpl...(read more)

 R-NYW0101 - A Jig Selection of Woodworking Plans Featuring Norm Abram $ 15.95
For woodworkers who have built a jig, they understand the importance of its value. A jig allows for accuracy and repetitive cuts. Truly, they are labor saving devices. Norm knows the value of jigs too...(read more)

 R-NYW0313 - Wall Mounted Tool Chest Woodworking Plan Featuring Norm Abram $ 10.95
Norm takes his turn at making a tool cabinet for some of his commonly used tools in the workshop. There is a plywood cutting diagram that efficiently makes use of the sheet material. View the Larger I...(read more)

 31-MD-00918 - Fold-Flat Sheet Goods Mover Woodworking Plan. $ 7.95
Made from just one sheet of 3/4 inch baltic birch plywood, a handful of hardware, and four locking swivel casters, this handy project makes transporting sheet goods around the shop a breeze. You simpl...(read more)

 R-NYW4011 - Rolling Shop Cabinet Woodworking Plan Featuring Norm Abram $ 10.95
Any mobile workbench is useful to a workshop. And what makes it even more useful is the accessible storage below and the laminate surface top. Perfect for sliding wood pieces around and peeling off...(read more)

 R-NYW8131 - Router Table Woodworking Plan Featuring Norm Abram $ 10.95
The router table that Norm originally built was and continues to be a very popular choice for building. The newer improved version includes some of the tweaks Norm has thought of after years of using ...(read more)

 31-DP-00930 - Dual Purpose Router Edge Guide Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF $ 1.99
An edge guide helps you accurately make dados, grooves, and rabbets in wood panels. With the addition of a fence, this versatile jig also assists you in cleanly trim edges flush to the face of a panel...(read more)

 31-DP-00931 - Quick Convert Tablesaw Router Station Woodworking Plan PDF $ 5.95
Good things come in small packages. Raise the wings for full workpiece support. A router table and accessories stow away in the drawer. Taa-daa! A router table with fence and plenty of infeed and out...(read more)

 R-UBILD535 - Workbench and Cabinet Vintage Woodworking Plan $ 7.95
This plan makes a sturdy workbench with a large storage cabinet and drawer. This is a vintage woodworking plan. Visit our FAQ page for a full definition. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the act...(read more)

 R-UBILD788 - Precision Tool Chest Vintage Woodworking Plan $ 9.95
Keep your precision tools in one place with this tool chest. Features felt-lined drawers, rubber feet, and brass hardware as well as 13 drawers and a large storage compartment. This is a vintage woodw...(read more)

 31-DP-00935 - Carousel Clamp Rack Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF $ 1.99
Keep your clamps in one place and brings them all with you as you move around the workshop. With a simple turn of the rack that sits on swivel casters, all of your gripping power will be within reach....(read more)

 31-DA-00247 - Make Cabinets the Easy Way Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF $ 6.95
With only the basic woodworking skills, a table saw and a few simple tools, you can make custom cabinets for your home or shop. Yeah yeah, there are doors to make... relax. You can easily make doors u...(read more)

 31-MD-00960 - Dust Collecting Tool Stand Woodworking Plan $ 10.95
You only need to run a flex hose from a 4 inch side port to the tool creating all that dust, whether its on the stand itself or if its already set up somewhere in your shop. A debris separator, effect...(read more)

 31-MD-00965 - Pip Clamp Support U-Blocks Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
Controlling pipe clamps on your workbench will be easier with a bit of help from support blocks that can fit in your bench dog holes.(read more)

 31-MD-00967 - Mortising Jig Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
Using a 1.5 HP hand held router and this self centering mortising jig, you can rout strong joints quickly and accurately like the loose tenon joint and others.(read more)

 31-MD-00979 - Bandsaw Circle Jig Woodworking Plan $ 4.99
This well rounded add on to your bandsaw will cut circles from 2 to 44 inches in diameter. Rummage through your scrap bin and you will probably find enough wood pieces to make this handy circle cuttin...(read more)

 55-WT1 - Painting Wheels Jig FREE Downloadable PDF $ 0.00
Painting little wheels can be a messy job. It seems impossible to keep finger out of the paint. To avoid smudging one has to waste time painting half of the wheel and letting it dry before painting th...(read more)

 55-WT3 - FREE Downloadable PDF - Drilling Axle Holder Jig $ 0.00
Drilling holes in small pieces of wood is a diffi cult task. Making the axle holder on vehicles is one of those annoying, frustrating little jobs. The hole has to be precisely straight down to e...(read more)

 55-WT4 - Sanding Drum FREE Downloadable PDF $ 0.00
It is easy to go to the hardware store or tool shop to buy a Drum Sanding Kit, but aside from the cost it is sometimes more time consuming then to just make your own. Making a sanding drum is cheap an...(read more)

 55-WT5 - Making Hydraulic Rams FREE Downloadable PDF $ 0.00
Today nearly all heavy equipment machinery has hydraulic rams to move dozer blades, loader shovel, crane jibs and whatever else needs to be moved or adjusted to do the job. To make hydraulic rams for ...(read more)

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